But today we sparred 15 times 30seconds

Now for the last two months I probably sparred 30 times 30 seconds each (and this is NOT because I haven been coming to practice). But today we sparred 15 times 30seconds, and 5 times for a minute then twice for two minutes. I hurt. He learned how to play just about everything that the school had in stock, but stayed mainly with his trombone and his trumpet, and after years of asking received one high quality instrument of both types for his thirteenth birthday the year after his mother left.Things got progressively worse between Daniel and his school in the following year, and though Daniel had the honor of being selected for the North Jersey Area Band in his freshman year of high school, he was unable to follow through since his father suddenly decided to move them into the city, something for which Daniel has not forgiven him for. Waiting a year, according to Daniel, would’ve been the thing to do.Adjusting to life in New York has been difficult for Daniel, who has begun acting out in a far more disruptive way than he previously had. Fights at school and numerous disciplinary problems erupted, stressing both him and his father and getting him kicked out of the private school (Columbia Prep) that his father got him into through careful exertion of financial influence.

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